1) 😍  Choose your cartoon theme

We have a wide range of cartoon themes and offer custom drawn artworks if you have your own theme in mind. Let us know here.

2) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Select the number of people/pets

Get drawn with your friends, family or favourite celebrity! There's no limit to the number of people, if you have more than 6 people/pets let us know here and we'll create a custom order for you.

3) 🎨 Choose your Canvas Size 

4) 🏆 Choose your background

We have several background settings available with each theme and you can even design your own custom background; just select "custom background" and upload an image of the background you want drawn.

5) 🤓Upload your photos

Upload good quality photos of each person and let us know any outfit preferences, characters or accessories you want in the product notes. Underneath each photo select the style you want that person to be drawn in (if applicable)

Our designers will get to work on your custom order. We'll email you a preview of your design before printing your canvas. 

 6) Put it on display!

Once we finish your artwork, we'll show you a preview and either send your artwork file via email or if you've ordered a canvas, we print it and send it off to you. Our canvases come with all the bits and pieces so you can hang it right away!  TURN ME CARTOON